Details Matter. 

They Create Perceptions. And Leave Lasting Impressions.  

In the luxury and lifestyle markets, this is "business critical."

We are creatives with a keen business sense and in our world, image is everything. From the style of a photograph, the choice of a particular font, to the color or shape of a sofa, details matter.

We Are Your Creative Resource

We create "experiences" across a broad mix of mediums including events, marketing  (print and digital) photography + video and interiors + environments.

  • We are creators of Content, Experiences and Environments. 

  • Need help creating or refining your brand? That's us. 
  • Adding events to your marketing mix?  We can design and produce "on brand" events in our sleep.
  • Want to launch a new product or service or are launching a new product and service and want some creative ideas to make sure it is compelling? Call us. 
  • Are you a photographer or storyteller working with a client to create new images and or content for a campaign or other project? We are in the business of making your product, project and you, look good!
  • Want to refresh your old dining room? Moving into a new house and have some ideas for what it should look like?  Interiors are our thing.
  • Need new photography for your brand or business? We can make this happen for you- on all levels!
  • Looking for fresh new content that reeks of fashion, lifestyle, beauty, style and design for your publications or website? After working in the heart of this industry for almost 20 years in NYC, we possess the brain and aesthetic of an "editor" which is the root foundation and reason we are in business today. If we aren't your go-to now, we should be.
  • Looking for someone to create interior vignettes or a backdrop for a retail space or a shoot?  You've got our number.
  • No idea about how to create a marketing plan? If you are going to be investing in "creative marketing," a plan is a must-have so you can use all the great content you created.
  • Are you a marketing or creative services agency that needs an extra brain or help with a  project or additional support on client projects? We are here for you.
  • Getting married?  No detail is left unturned. We are the perfect event partner for you- especially - if you care deeply about what your wedding feels like and looks like.
  • Do you find creating social media or web content overwhelming? We don't.
  • Need help creating displays, window art or visual merchandising?  Display is what we do - in-store, in photographs, in moving pictures, at events, in interiors, and in marketing.
  • Does marketing your business take a backseat? If you work with us, it won't any longer.
  • Having trouble determining what to do with your kitchen or whether or not you want to put wallpaper in your hallway? We will tell you what looks good and what is worth the investment....or not.
  • Want a creative partner to help shape a look and feel for a new restaurant or retail concept? This kind of thing makes our socks go up and down!
  • Need ideas for how to market your product or business? We can be that creative and marketing partner that you don't have in-house.
  • Moving and need help determining what pieces will work in the new space and where you should consider investing in new pieces? We can save you a lot of money.
  • Want to redo a room in your home? Call us, because when it's done, it's going to look amazing.

No creative project is too big or too small. We partner with a network of talented partners to deliver on our client's goals - as well as collaborate with our clients' teams that are already in place, to literally, create magic. 

Founder Halle von Kessler spent almost 20 years in New York City developing high-profile imaging, branding, product, content, communications and environments in the luxury market, focusing on lifestyle, style and design-driven brands and companies. She has partnered extensively with some of the world's top talent including photographers, creative directors, designers, and style-influencers to help make their visions become a reality.

 8 Boxwood Lane Creative was developed to help shape brands, businesses and individuals' personal projects -with style- through top in class creative direction and effective project management skills to drive ongoing innovation and success.

Still not sure what we do or if we can help?   Call us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you about your next project.

Phone:  551.208-0348 

Email halle@8boxwoodlane.com