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8 Boxwood Lane Creative's marketing division is a full-service, design-driven marketing and creative services consultancy. We bring style and design to every customer touch point and are well versed in creating the ideal "customer experience" through the use of strategic, integrated communications, campaigns, events and environments. 

8 Boxwood Lane produces content, imaging and experiences that inspire, excite and engage. We work with a network of talent that is customized based on client need, or we frequently partner with our client's own creative resources to successfully create inspiring content and experiences that deliver on end business goals.

Mouth Party Caramels

Brand Strategy and Planning. Creative Direction and Concepting. Photography and Video Production. Brand Collateral Production. Consulting.

8 Boxwood Lane Creative had been contacted initially by Mouth Party Caramels to help them produce a new website. We were, of course, happy to help them leverage the internet by turning it into a key revenue generator for them.  However, when making a major investment, such as introducing a new e-commerce web platform to your marketing mix, it doesn't make sense, unless the content you are going to be putting out into the marketplace is in tip-top shape and going to attract the types of customers and growth that everyone is striving for.

Mouth Party Caramels produces an amazing product. Homemade, small-batch, locally made caramels with special, periodic flavor launches. These candies are a true luxury in the world of candy and gifts and Mouth Party's branding in 2012 was not on the same level as its product.  

We proposed updating their creative, overall to attract a more sophisticated, broader group of customers. Efforts included brand strategy exercises which helped them identify who and where they wanted to be in the market. New brand creative was introduced based on the outcome of our strategic planning efforts that included an updated logo, a new approach to their photography and a brand style guide that would inform creative development of brand and marketing pieces moving forward.

The creative direction and branding was inspired by the simple beauty of their product. The focus of the creative was on "the single, gorgeous pieces of caramel." Because it was homemade, hand-cut and packaged in a simple clear cellophane wrapper, we were able to showcase and position the product in a more sophisticated way by focusing solely on the product. The older pictures of the candy, placed in environments with flowers and baskets, was removed to make way for new creative.

By shooting the candy on sheer white backgrounds, this creative approach allowed the candy and wrapper "to be hero," capturing the imagination of caramel lovers everywhere. The logo too was updated by tweaking the font to appeal to a more international, fashion-forward audience. And, new marketing pieces- including a new e-commerce website (shopify), catalog, a video, trade show banners, gift cards, package labels and other were all recreated to include the new look and feel.

The first year, after these pieces were introduced, Mouth Party's website revenue increased by 60 percent.

Chateau de Courtomer

Brand Strategy & Planning. Creative Direction. Social Media & Content Development. Special Events. Photography.

8 Boxwood Lane Creative was originally brought on to assist temporarily, with some bookings, and manage a corporate event onsite for this historic chateau in the Normandy region of France. 

Three years later, Chateau de Courtomer was growing its rental and event business, thanks in part to a number of successful business development and marketing initiatives introduced by 8BLC along the way.

Internal communications and processes were created to manage and increase bookings. A more formalized approach to marketing was also implemented. Efforts included a communications calendar; a new website; a new logo; a new style of photography (like the logo, was designed to appeal to a more international, sophisticated audience); enhanced social media efforts (content was styled to feel like a travel magazine and Instagram was added to the mix); branded internal and external communications pieces were created for different audiences (event and business customers vs. private rental customers); content was updated and maintained for alternative, internet rental platforms, and digital advertising efforts were added.

Additionally, 8BLC developed product and event packages to add value to the overall guest experience as well as help with increasing ancillary revenue streams.  We were also responsible for securing the necessary partners in the local market to help execute on chateau business initiatives.

Weetenkamp Eikenberg

Strategy & Planning. Branding. Photography. Consulting.

Mary Beth Eikenberg and Meg Weetenkamp of Baltimore's fastest-growing real estate concern, Cummings & Co., decided it was time to up their business game. In a market awash with strong real estate agents and brokerages, they were trying to figure out what could they do to further carve out a name out for themselves in this active industry.

8 Boxwood Lane Creative instilled in them the importance of having a brand identity and market presence, especially in the real estate world, where so many people are tied to select brokerages and business cards all look the same, aside from the obligatory headshot.

8BLC collaborated with them over the course of a year to establish a look and feel that best represented the two of them as well as resonated with the types of clients and houses they wanted to represent. We created a brand identity they could use across all of their communications channels. Specific pieces included a new logo, color palette, newsletter, social media graphics, website creative direction and graphics, photography, notepads, envelopes, letterhead and cards.

Additionally, we created a marketing plan along with the tools they needed to effectively communicate out to their audiences on a regular basis.

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